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Tumbling Creek Woods is a 77-acre wooded area with a wetland fed by Tumbling Creek. The property is adjacent to the University's Oakwood campus and owned by the University of North Georgia Foundation. The area encompasses a range of habitats to include woodlands featuring oak, hickory, and southern pines, as well as a beaver-impounded wetland. The woodland and riparian areas of the Tumbling Creek woodland are interlaced with 3.5 miles of mapped trails.


Tumbling Creek Woods is in the Piedmont physiographic province of Georgia. Details about the Piedmont province are provided by the New Georgia Encyclopedia as is a map of the Physiographic Provinces of Georgia. The Piedmont is found between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Upper Coastal Plain.


The trails within Tumbling Creek Woods are used by hikers and by the Southeast Off-Road Bicycle Organization (SORBA). Information about the Gainesville Chapter of SORBA is available from their web site. “The University Trail” is rated for beginner cyclists. The twisty trail is relatively flat and offers challenges with sharp, tree-edged turns and plenty of dips and roots. It is a good trail to introduce someone to mountain biking.


Additional information about the University is available at the UNG web site.


Map of Tumbling Creek Trails




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