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If you do, then let's talk.  You can see from my home page (the pictures of my kitty cats above and references to my affiliations with animal-welfare organizations below) that I care about animals, too.  I desperately need your help.  Animals are being tortured and killed in laboratories throughout the United States.  For example, egregious, heinous violations of the natural rights of monkeys are occurring at the University of Florida.  See the Web site at http://universityofflorida.us .  I have posted some appalling photographs on the Web page at http://faculty.UNG.edu/bfriedman/bfried/AnimalLab/index.html .  Before you click on that link, be aware that these photographs are horrifying to look at--so traumatic that I can't post them on this page.  If they are horrifying to look at, imagine what it is like to experience such terror.  Please don't let this continue.  There is no civilized human being who cannot recognize this incomprehensible savagery as being immoral.  Write to me at bfriedman@UNG.edu .


Dr. Barry D. Friedman is a professor emeritus of political science at the University of North Georgia.  Here are a few highlights of his education, experience, and research.



University of Hartford

    Associate in Science in Engineering, 1973
    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, 1976
    Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1976


University of Connecticut

    Master of Business Administration, 1983
    Master of Public Affairs, 1983
    Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, 1991



Seminar in Public Administration
Politics and Bureaucracy
Administrative Law
Public Budgeting
Public Personnel Administration
Statistics for Public Management
Technology for Public Management
Ethics for Public Service
Government and Business
Public Management
The Role of Nonprofits in Society
Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
Information and Operations Management
Research Methods for Public Administration
Public Administration
Public Policy Planning and Analysis
The Presidency
Political Parties and Elections
Political Socialization and Public Opinion
American Political Theory
Women and Politics
Statistics for the Social Sciences
Introduction to Political Science
American Government
Senior Seminar in Political Science


Ethics in Public Service
Federal Regulation
Nonprofit Institutional Management
Political Parties
Political Socialization
Public Policy


Co-author with Amanda M. Main of "The Nonprofit Sector:  Charity and Chicanery," in Global Corruption and Ethics Management:  Translating Theory into Action, ed. Carole L. Jurkiewicz (Lanham, Md.:  Rowman & Littlefield, 2020).

Author of five entries about nonprofit management in the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance (New York:  Springer International Publishing, 2018).

Co-author with Maria J. Albo of "Punishing Members of Disadvantaged Minority Groups for Calling 911," in Policing and Race in America:  Economic, Political, and Social Dynamics, ed. James D. Ward (Lanham, Md.:  Lexington Books, 2017).

Co-author of "Policy Point-Counterpoint:  Profiling at Airports," International Social Science Review (Nos. 3-4, 2004), by Barry D. Friedman ("moderator"), Sharon R. Reddick, and Christina Fauchon, pp. 152-159.

Author of "How Nonprofit Organizations Fight Off Competition," PA Times, May 2004, pp. 5-6.

Author of "Utilizing Technology to Revitalize and Modernize Pi Gamma Mu," Studies in the Social Sciences 37 (January 2002):  65-76.

Author of "Afterword" in Harvey Rosenfeld, Richmond Pearson Hobson:  Naval Hero from Magnolia Grove (Las Cruces, N. M.:  Yucca Tree Press, 2001).

Author of "Consider Establishing a Council to Coordinate Campus Honor Societies," Pi Sigma Alpha Newsletter, Fall 1997, p. 4.

Author of "Futility of Reform Justifies Constitutional Convention," PA Times, Sept. 1, 1996, p. 12.

Author of Regulation in the Reagan-Bush Era: The Eruption of Presidential Influence (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

Author of "A Case-Study Analysis of the Reagan Regulatory-Review Program," Southeastern Political Review 21 (Fall 1993): 705-720.


Book-Review Editor of the International Social Science Review (published by the Pi Gamma Mu social-science honor society), 2002-2008



Honor Societies:

       Alpha Chi (interdisciplinary)

       Alpha Kappa Delta (sociology)

               » Treasurer of the UNG Chapter

       Beta Gamma Sigma (business administration)

              » Communications Chairman (2001-2002) -- Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter

       Kappa Mu (local engineering honor society)

       Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership)

               » Circle Coordinator of the UNG Circle (2010-2018)

       Phi Beta Kappa (liberal arts)

       Phi Kappa Phi (interdisciplinary)

                » Former Chapter President at Valdosta State University

               » Active-for-Life Member

       Pi Alpha Alpha (public administration)

       Pi Gamma Mu (social science)

» International President (2011-2014), First Vice President (2005-2011), Chancellor - Atlantic Region (2002-2005), Vice Chancellor - Atlantic Region (1999-2002), Governor in Georgia (1995-2002)

               » Founding Secretary-Treasurer of the UNG Chapter (1994-2014)

       Pi Sigma Alpha (political science)

            » Member of the National Executive Council (2004-2008)

            » Faculty Advisor (1994-2008) and Treasurer (2008 to present) of the UNG Chapter



American Society for Public Administration

» Past President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor of the Georgia Chapter

               » Life Member



       Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

               » Life Member


University of North Georgia:

       Alumni Association, associate life member

       Council of Honor Societies, founding executive director (1995-2009)

       Student Government Association, faculty liaison (1995-2002)

        ,  faculty advisor (1996-2016)

       UNG Voices for Women, co-faculty advisor (2009-2013)

        , treasurer (2001-2003) and "Safe-Space Listener"

                                             Read Barry's article:  Barry Goldwater and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.


American Friends of Magen David Adom, formerly American Red Magen David for Israel), supporting Magen David Adom (Red Shield of David, Israel's Red Cross service); see Barry Friedman's tribute to MDA

               » International Life Member
(International Life Member through the Ahava - Richard Freedman Chapter of South Florida; Chapter Life Member of the Atlanta Chapter; Chapter Life Member of the former Shomer Chapter of West Hartford, Conn.)

                » Member of the National Advisory Council (2002-2005)

               » Member of the Executive Board - Atlanta Friends of Magen David Adom (2001-2005)

               » Past President of the former Shomer Chapter in West Hartford, Conn.

TLC Humane Society

               Treasurer (2005-2009), Vice President (2004-2005)

                              » Life Member


                  » Life Member



PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS.  Reproduction creates many more animals than there are people to care for them.  Stray animals live lives of hunger, loneliness, and desperation.  PLEASE HELP STOP THIS TRAGEDY.
Don't buy a pet.  Adopt a pet.  Save a sweet, loving little cat or dog from being euthanized.
Contact your local humane society for more information about these and other topics pertaining to the welfare of animals.
In Georgia, for information about discount-priced spay/neuter procedures, visit the Web site of Spay Georgia, from which one may obtain a discount certificate.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals



American Horse Defense Fund

          (founded by Trina Bellak)


       YES Institute (formerly Project YES) of Miami, Fla.

               » Volunteer / Speaker

RAVEN - Research on Abusive Volunteer Exploitation by Nonprofits (Founder); Author of "Cracking Down on Red Cross Volunteers:  How American Red Cross Officials Crushed an Insurrection by Agitated, Mistreated Volunteers in Northeast Georgia" (presented at annual meeting of the Georgia Political Science Association, February 21, 1997)

        Sons of the American Legion


»NGCSU Meritorious Service Award, 2011

»Who's Who Among America's Teachers & Educators, 5th ed. (1998, nominated by G. Elaine Samples), 6th ed. (2000, nominated by Windy A. Weidner), 8th ed. (2004, nominated by Marie M. Cowart), 9th ed. (2005), 10th ed. (2005-2006), and 11th ed. (2006-2007).

»NGCSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, 2002 and 1997

»NGCSU Excellence in Teaching Award for Collaboration (co-recipient with Dr. Toni O. Barnett and Prof. Barbara Ann Tronsgard), 2000-2001

»American Society for Public Administration, Division III Chapter Newsletter Award, 2000, for Georgia Chapter Newsletter (editor)

»Phi Kappa Phi (NGCSU Chapter) Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education Award, 1999


Hear Barry on The Kevin Storm Show on WNJC 1360, Washington Township, N. J.      


Barry Friedman's "greatest hits" can be accessed by clicking on one of these links (or refer to the list at his "Studies" Web page).  Read his essay about:
     ♦ Teaching social-science students to write research papers.

     ♦ Barry Goldwater and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
     ♦ The evolution of human rights.
     ♦ Judicial power, courts, and law.
     ♦ Plagiarism.
     ♦ Transparency in nonprofit organizations (minutes of board meetings).
     ♦ Abuse of volunteers by the American Red Cross.
     ♦ The Self-Centered Behavior of Many Charity Executives.

Here are a few other Web sites that Barry has posted for those who are interested:
     ♦ Barry's personal biographical home page.
     ♦ Quotations from Chairman Barry.
     ♦ The resolution of the Christina Jeffrey affair.
     ♦ Michael Marling, NGCSU artist, has sideline as lifesaving hero.


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