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This site is primarily designed for grammar practice and ACT COMPASS exam preparation for (1) Learning Support students in open-access colleges and (2) high school students who are getting ready to take college English placement tests.

In addition, this site is a growing resource for English teachers at the college and high school level who want to incorporate digital instruction into their course design. We encourage teachers to use this site in their classrooms and link to it from their course websites. School administrators should also feel free to link to this page from their school websites. Please send matthew.horton@ung.edu notification if you decided to link to this site.

To date, we have three activities to offer:
Grammar Tutorials
Practice COMPASS Writing Exams
Practice COMPASS Reading Exams
The grammar tutorials include PowerPoint exercises covering an array of important skill areas that students tend to struggle with. In addition, we offer a spelling exercise that focuses on frequently confused words.

The eight practice writing exams on this site are great for developing confidence taking the computer-based grammar test distributed by ACT.

The four practice reading exams on this site are likewise designed to simulate the online testing environment created by ACT.
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