The following images were taken near Spring Equinox 2007 (25 March 2007):  For instructions regarding the "Hike to Hike Inn" Lab, see the exo-class labs section of either A1010L or A1020L lab packets.  The "Hike Inn" Lab is a "expedition" to a "simulated" archeoastronomy site.  




Pan of Hike Inn from the Starbase


The back of Len Foote Hike Inns as seen from the Starbase.


Pan of the Starbase


The Starbase; monument-sculpture based on a Celtic tomb (archeoastronomy site) marking seasonal variations in the Sunrise.


Sunrise near Vernal Equinox


Sunrise near the Vernal Equinox, 2007 as seen from the Starbase.


Sunrise as seen from the "tomb"


Sunrise as seen from the Starbase "tomb".


Shaft of light illumnates mysterious figure


A shaft of light illuminates a mysterious figure at the back of the "tomb".