The Hydroclimate and UAV Remote Sensing Lab at the University of North Georgia, Gainesville is is an undergraduate oriented research group led by Prof. Ali Mehran. The main research interest is UAV remote sensing, modeling physically based hydrological processes and statistical approaches with multi scale remote sensing products to address water resources issues arising from climatic changes, land cover / land use changes, and water allocation. While much of our work is at regional, continental, and global scales, we also have modeling and prediction interests at the small watershed scale with application of UAVs. This web site contains information about the latest courses developed at UNG, research interests of group as well as recent publications, the models we use (including some documentation and contact information for source codes), some of the data sets produced by the group, and links to data sets and processing software that we use in our modeling. In addition to publications, the presentations area of this web site includes most of the presentations (oral and poster) given by members of the group from about 2019 on.

Research Highlights

Multivariate Standardized Reliability and Resilience Index


Hybrid Framework to Assess Socioeconomic Drought (here)


Resilient Societies Response to COVID-19   (here)

Canopy Density Assessment Through UAV Lidar Survey (coming soon)

Lidar UAV survey of the Oakwood Downtown Project (here)